Summer Courses Program is designed for serving students and professionals to study in ITB Campus. During the implementation of academic activities, participants will study and work together during a period of time. The lecture materials, tutorials and excursions will be delivered in English. The academic activities are delivered by ITB faculty staffs and foreign resource persons (such as professors and researchers from partner universities, experts who work in the reputable industries/research canters, etc.). Until the end of 2022, Summer Courses Programs in ITB are supported by World Class University Program of ITB.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Courses Program offered by ITB is replaced by the International Virtual Courses. As has been indicated by its name, the academic activities will be delivered virtually.

For interested participant, application to join ITB International Virtual Courses can be applied here. There are no registration fees to join these courses, however one should pay attention with the requirements for each lecture, including tuition fees for each courses.

For the prospective applicants, whose their applications are approved, they will receive a notification as ITB non regular students for a limited period. During the conduction of academic activities, there will be assessments, and the successful participants will be granted an academic transcript by ITB.

For further information, please visit the link of each offered courses below

No. Code Program Faculty Study Program Coordinator Description Courses Date Registration Date
1 IVC23-113 International Virtual Course on Binary and Variable Star Observations FMIPA Astronomy Evan Irawan Akbar, M.Si The IVC on Binary and Variable Star Observations 2023 will be carried out on July 24th – August 4th, 2023. The course will be organized in hybrid mode, where participants from Indonesia will attend the course in-person in Institut Teknologi Bandung while international participants may attend the course online in synchronous mode. The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the study of binary stars and variable stars, including how to observe and process the data. This course program consists of lectures, discussions, laboratory sessions (observation using optical telescopes, data reduction and analysis), and group tasks. 2023-07-17 s.d 2023-07-28 2023-06-21 s.d 2023-07-16
2 IVC23-112 International Virtual Course on Chemicals and Biosensors FMIPA Chemistry Dr. Mia Ledyastuti Participants will learn on different types of sensors and biosensors along with its applications 2023-07-24 s.d 2023-08-04 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-07-28
3 IVC23-101 Summer Course on Modern Optics and Its Applications (SCoMOA) 2023 FMIPA Physics Dr. Rachmat Hidayat 2023-07-28 s.d 2023-08-01 2023-05-01 s.d 2023-07-26
4 IVC23-125 Applied Mathematics in Finance FMIPA Mathematics Dila Puspita Kegiatan IVC ini mengangkat topik "Applied Mathematics in Finance". Dalam kegiatan ini akan melibatkan 7 pembicara dengan 2 pembicara dari ITB dan 5 pembicara dari Luan Negeri. Dua pembicara dari ITB berasal dari Prodi Matematika dan Aktuaria. Pembicara dari Luar Negeri bekerjasama dengan Universitas Malaysia Trengganu, UITM, University of Waterloo, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, dan Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus. Perkuliahan akan dilaksanakan selama 7 hari yaitu 13-20 Agustus 2023 secara online. Setiap harinya peserta akan mengikuti 2 jam perkuliahan teori di pagi hari dan 2 jam latihan di siang hari. Di akhir periode mahasiswa akan diminta untuk mengerjakan sebuah projek terkait dengan perkuliahan. 2023-08-13 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-07-17 s.d 2023-09-08
5 IVC23-116 1 minute Projection Mapping: Collaborating Accross Culture through Media Design FSRD Visual Communication Design Banung Grahita, M.Ds., Ph.D. Participants will learn how to use projection mapping to create immersive experiences as a tool for intercultural dialogue and collaboration 2023-08-21 s.d 2023-08-31 2023-06-20 s.d 2023-07-20
6 IVC23-128 World Class University Program : International Collaborative Course FTI Chemical Engineering Ardiyan Harimawan Aqsha This innovative course seeks to bridge the gap between data science and sustainable practices in the context of emerging industries. The program is designed to engage a diverse audience, including students from various disciplines such as Physics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioenergy Engineering, Food Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Structured as a 1-credit course with approximately 15-16 hours of intensive learning, the program employs a hybrid approach, blending virtual sessions with interactive face-to-face components. This flexible structure accommodates diverse schedules and learning preferences. The program’s interdisciplinary nature aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of how data-driven insights can drive global sustainability in the face of evolving industries. 2023-09-23 s.d 2023-11-30 2023-09-10 s.d 2023-11-30
7 IVC23-110 Tropical Coastal Zone Development with Humanitarian Engineering (HumanE) 2023 FTSL Ocean Engineering Alamsyah Kurniawan, PhD TROCOZ International Summer Course, aims to broaden knowledge for students by experiencing international atmosphere with other multi-nationality students, as well as to increase International network of ITB in the future, especially for collaboration in education and research. The specific topics consist of Tropical Coastal Infrastructure, its issues and developments, utilities, energy potential, and environmental management in coastal zone. The course also includes the experience of real study case from the virtual tour to Pangandaran, one of the coastal areas in Indonesia. Furthermore, issues from study case will be deeply discussed in group discussion. The opportunity to share about participants’s different cultures from different region will also be accommodated during the event. This year, collaboration with Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering (HUMANE), by conducted several lectures and discussions related how humanitarian engineering implemented in engineering project and activities correlate with issues that comes up from Tropical Coastal Zone development, is ensured to enrich the knowledge of participants. 2023-07-31 s.d 2023-08-25 2023-05-01 s.d 2023-08-03
8 IVC23-118 Integrated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (I-WASH) FTSL Management of Water Clean Infrastructure and Sanitation Dyah Wulandari Putri iCourse Description: The course on Integrated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (I-WASH) is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of an approach that encompasses various interconnected aspects related to water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion. It focuses on addressing the interdependencies between these sectors to improve public health and well-being, in both technical and non-technical aspects. Each year a specific topic is chosen. In year 2023, topic WASH in Emergency Settings is selected. The I-WASH summer course 2023 is dedicated to equipping participants with essential knowledge and skills to address sanitation needs and vital essentials in humanitarian emergency situations. Participants will explore the unique challenges and best practices for providing effective sanitation solutions, ensuring public health, and meeting the basic needs of affected populations during crises. Through immersive simulations, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will develop the expertise required for efficient and impactful humanitarian emergency response 2023-07-31 s.d 2023-08-11 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-07-24
9 IVC23-115 Air Pollution Monitoring and Environmental Impact of Tropical Forest and Peatland Fire FTSL Environmental Engineering Adyati Pradini Yudison Tropical forest and peatland fires are disasters that impact the local, regional and global environment. To increase awareness and knowledge about this, FTSL offers APMEI 2023. This course is organized for Indonesia and international undergraduate students majoring in science and engineering. This course will be 2023-07-31 s.d 2023-08-25 2023-07-11 s.d 2023-07-25
10 IVC23-123 International Virtual Course: Towards Zero Emission Mining FTTM Mining Engineering Firly Rachmaditya Baskoro This course will address the global issue on net zero emission and sustainable development goals in mining industry. Mining, as one of the oldest human/business activity in the world, conducted to fulfill the minerals and fuels demand for civilization will require special attention on its activity, particularly considering the preparation towards zero emission mining in order to accommodate global target on carbon emission reduction and SDGs. The course will be consisting of: • Mining history • Mining law in Indonesia • Underground mining for the future • REE for the future • Best mining practices and ESG framework • Sustainable mining 2023-08-15 s.d 2023-07-16 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-08-14
11 IVC23-121 ITB Minus UF Bamboo and Landscape Workshop 2023 SAPPK Architecture Dr.-Ing. Andry Widyowijatnoko. S.T., M.T. he objective of the workshop is to provide training and knowledge to students regarding prefabricated bamboo construction as an architectural construction technique for post-earthquake conditions in Cianjur Regency. The workshop covers various stages, including design, construction, assembly, and landscape arrangement, with expert speakers in their respective fields. The outcome of this prefabricated bamboo workshop is for students to propose appropriate design solutions for the Community Center of Kampung Gosol, Cugenang Village, Cianjur, and its surrounding landscape. 2023-06-05 s.d 2023-08-21 2023-05-01 s.d 2023-07-28
12 IVC23-119 Place Making Creative Branding SAPPK Architecture Widiyani. ST.,MT, Ph.D Aktifkan dukungan pembaca layar Untuk mengaktifkan dukungan pembaca layar, tekan Ctrl+Alt+Z. Untuk mempelajari pintasan keyboard, tekan Ctrl+garis miring. | Linktree Organized by faculty members of the ITB Architecture Program 2023-07-12 s.d 2023-08-09 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-08-06
13 IVC23-126 SAPPD Global Studio 2023: Fostering a Sustainable Urban Future SAPPK Regional and City Planning Dr, Ninik Suhartini To undertake planning and urban design in a cross-cultural context with a focus on services, infrastructure and housing in a “bottom up” and adaptive urbanism context. To understand the dimensions of the con- cepts of urban informality and informal urbanism including its nature, utility, short- comings, opportunities, and challenges. To appreciate the range of stakeholders and their varying values, beliefs, and ideas in urban upgrading and their contribution to the making and shaping of the city. To work in collaboration with ITB staff, students, and other government and civil society stakeholders so as to provide better urban outcomes that link urban planning, design, theory, research, and practice. To provide students with skills and experi- ences in urbanism, urban planning, and urban design, so they are equipped to under- stand, assess, and propose realistic solutions for complex urban challenges especially those experienced by developing countries. 2023-07-17 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-03-01 s.d 2023-07-16
14 IVC23-122 Sustainable Built Environment SAPPK Architecture DL Joint International Virtual Course between Departemen SAPPD and Poly that the topic is Susta….. Hybrid with Virtual Prog and Inbound Hands on Workshop. 2023-07-20 s.d 2023-08-25 2023-07-01 s.d 2023-07-19
15 IVC23-127 Winter School 2023 SAPPK Regional and City Planning Bagas Dwipantara Putra peserta akan dibagi ke dalam 8 kelompok dan masing-masing kelompok akan mendiskusikan topik yang berbeda, yang mana diantaranya yaitu: Aspek Sektor Pariwisata, Perancangan Kota, Sosial dan Budaya, Ekonomi, dan Bencana Alam. Peserta diharapkan untuk dapat memahami perspektif yang lebih luas dari area tersebut dalam hal topik-topik tersebut, termasuk perencanaan dan perancangan, demografi, atribut sosial dan ekonomi, konteks lingkungan, kegiatan pariwisata, dalam membangun perencanaan yang berkelanjutan di masa depan. 2023-09-15 s.d 2023-10-13 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-11-11
16 IVC23-108 Understanding Contemporary Business in Asia: Issues and Challenges in Sustainability SBM Master of Business Administration Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon Description: Special Topics in Management 2023-08-07 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-05-10 s.d 2023-08-20
17 IVC23-106 Understanding Contemporary Business in Asia: Issues and Challenges in Sustainability SBM Entepreunership Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon Description: Social Entrepreneurship 2023-08-07 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-05-10 s.d 2023-08-20
18 IVC23-105 UNDERSTANDING CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS IN ASIA: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN SUSTAINABILITY SBM Management Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon Description: Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management 2023-08-07 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-05-10 s.d 2023-08-20
19 IVC23-107 Understanding Contemporary Business in Asia: Issues and Challenges in Sustainability SBM Master in Management Science Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon Description: Special Topics in Management 2023-08-07 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-05-10 s.d 2023-08-20
20 IVC23-109 UNDERSTANDING CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS IN ASIA: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN SUSTAINABILITY SBM Master of Business Administration – Jakarta Bayuningrat Hardjakaprabon SBM ITB Summer Course Doing Eco-Sustainable Business in Indonesia 2023-08-07 s.d 2023-08-20 2023-05-10 s.d 2023-08-20
21 IVC23-129 Winter School SBM Management Ira Fachira, Prameshwara Anggahegari Kuliah, workshop & studi lapangan 2024-01-04 s.d 2024-01-18 2023-10-18 s.d 2023-11-18
22 IVC23-131 International Virtual Course on Disaster Mitigation in Pharmacy SF Clinical and Community Pharmacy Dr. apt. Kusnandar Anggadiredja This course will provide students with basic knowledge regardingdisaster management, especially from pharmacists’ perspective.This knowledge includes risk assessment and disaster mapping,risk communication and disaster preparedness, pharmaceuticalsupply/logistics planning for disaster, and roles andresponsibilities of various organizations during a disaster. Thiscourse will also include two case studies for risk assessment andlogistic planning. 2023-11-20 s.d 2023-12-01 2023-11-03 s.d 2023-12-16
23 IVC23-130 Plant Biotechnology on the Production of Secondary Metabolites SF Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Dr. apt. Hegar Pramastya Application of plant tissue culture for secondary metabolismstudies of plants including to increase the level of the products.The course will cover the foundation and tools of plant tissueculture including some molecular tools for genetic manipulation 2023-11-27 s.d 2023-12-23 2023-11-03 s.d 2023-12-16
24 IVC23-102 International Virtual Courses in Biomanagement 2023 (Climate Change Mitigation Through Green Technology, Bioresource Management and Community Empowerment) SITH Biomanagement Dr. Ramadhani Eka Putra 2023-06-05 s.d 2023-06-16 2023-05-09 s.d 2023-06-06
25 IVC23-103 International Virtual Course in Biotechnology 2023: Application of Multi-omics for the Advancement of Biotechnology SITH Biotechnology Dr. Popi Septiani 2023-06-08 s.d 2023-07-03 2023-04-10 s.d 2023-06-30
26 IVC23-104 Summer Course on Tropical Biodiveristy SITH Biology Dr. Dian Rosleine 2023-07-31 s.d 2023-08-11 2023-06-01 s.d 2023-08-02

Schedule can be obtained on the website of each program organizer

Tuition Fee for ITB International Virtual Courses :



IVC ParticipantRegistration FeeCourses Fee
ITB StudentIDR200,000Free
Non ITB Student (Indonesian)IDR200,000 Bachelor Courses : IDR1,000,000 per Credit
Non ITB Student (Indonesian)IDR200,000 Master Courses : IDR1,250,000 per Credit
Foreign StudentFreeFree
Non Student (Professional)IDR200,000 Bachelor Courses : IDR1,000,000 per Credit
Non Student (Professional)IDR200,000 Master Courses : IDR1,250,000 per Credit