The Summer School 2021 is based on a concept of reciprocal connection between bamboo materiality as a building material, a structural system, and the use of computational design tools. Knowledge and skills regarding these 3 topics will be used to design a bamboo-based structure as shelter or post-disaster building. Topics about disaster mitigation, and society resilience toward disaster also will be given as a context for the designed bamboo structure. Computational design tools will be used as a bridge to optimize the structure, construction, and design aspects. Students will be introduced on how computational design tools can quantitatively find the most optimum design based on various considerations. Computational design will be also used to connect the design and construction process. The design process will be integrated with either manual or digital construction and fabrication.

Equivalent to

Bachelor Program : AR6221 Bamboo Building Technology (2 credits)
Master Program : AR4057 Special Topic B (2 Credits)

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