Postgraduate Online Summer Research Bootcamp (POSReB 2021) aims as a platform for postgraduate students in strengthening their research skills. Developing research skills enables people to identify problems, collect primary and secondary informational resources, evaluate these resources for quality and relevance, and come up with an effective solution to the problem. Why is this year's topic about emerging markets? Because emerging markets are still desirable for business investment, however, they face various challenges and problems. Thus, there are always opportunities for research from multiple aspects of business and management. 

Equivalent to  MB 5202 - Management Research Design (3 credit)

 Partner Institutions
 Coordinator Program
  1. Yuliani Dwi Lestari. Ph.D. (SBM)
  2. Dr. Anggara Wisesa (SBM)
  3. Dr. Reza Ashari Nasution (SBM)
  4. Dr.Ir. Sigit Puji Santosa, MSME. FTMD/ LPIK)3
  5. Santi Novanti, Ph.D. (SBM)
  6. Dr. Manahan Siallagan (SBM)
  7. Nur Budi, PhD (SBM)
  8. Dr. Liane Okdinawati (SBM)
  9. Umi Hanik* (BAPPENAS Bidang Ekonomi)
  10. Kindy Rinaldy S* (PT PPI, BUMN Holding Pangan)
  11. Bunjira Makond, Ph.D . (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)
  12. Prof Kijima* (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
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 Registration Online