Summer School Program is designed for serving international students to study in ITB Campus. During the implementation of academic activities, international and ITB students will study and work together during a period of time. The lecture materials, tutorials and excursions will be delivered in English. The academic activities are delivered by ITB faculty staffs and foreign resource persons (such as professors and researchers from partner universities, experts who work in the reputable industries/research canters, etc.). Until the end of 2020, summer school programs in ITB are supported by World Class University Program of ITB.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the summer school program offered by ITB is replaced by the International Virtual Courses. As has been indicated by its name, the academic activities will be delivered virtually. The virtual courses that are offered by ITB within 2020 can obtained in this link.

For interested international students, application to join these courses can be applied here. There are no tuition fees to join these courses, however one should pay attention with the requirements for each lecture.

For the international students, whose their applications are approved, they will receive a notification as ITB students for a limited period. During the conduction of academic activities, there will be assessments, and the successful students will be granted an academic transcript by ITB.

ITB students, who are interested to join the offered courses, should take the related lecture in the SIX System. For further information, please contact the person-in-charge for each offered course.

Person in Charge