Summer Courses Program is designed for serving students and professionals to study in ITB Campus. During the implementation of academic activities, participants will study and work together during a period of time. The lecture materials, tutorials and excursions will be delivered in English. The academic activities are delivered by ITB faculty staffs and foreign resource persons (such as professors and researchers from partner universities, experts who work in the reputable industries/research canters, etc.). Until the end of 2021, Summer Courses Programs in ITB are supported by World Class University Program of ITB.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Courses Program offered by ITB is replaced by the International Virtual Courses. As has been indicated by its name, the academic activities will be delivered virtually.

For interested participant, application to join ITB International Virtual Courses can be applied here. There are no registration fees to join these courses, however one should pay attention with the requirements for each lecture, including tuition fees for each courses.

For the prospective applicants, whose their applications are approved, they will receive a notification as ITB non regular students for a limited period. During the conduction of academic activities, there will be assessments, and the successful participants will be granted an academic transcript by ITB.

For further information, please visit the link of each offered courses below



List of International Virtual Courses 2021
  1. International Virtual Summer Course On High Speed Train Transport
  2. International Virtual Course on Multidisciplinary Optimization and Machine Learning for Engineering Design Applications
  3. International Summer school on Astrostatistics and Machine Learning
  4. IVC in Islamic Financial Mathematics and Statistics Methods
  5. Food Fermentation Technology: From history-cultural to bioprocess- and molecular-engineering
  6. Tropical Biology Summer School Series: Insect Biology, Insect-borne diseases and Their Impact on Human
  7. Indonesia’s Agriculture: Local Wisdom, Science, and Technology
  8. Doing Business in Indonesia: Reshaping Strategy after Covid-19
  9. Digital innovation and entrepreneurship as solutions to business and society problems
  10. Postgraduate Online Summer Research Bootcamp (POSReB 2021) : “Business Trends in Emerging Market: Digging Up Research Opportunity”
  11. Elaborating and Activating Nascent Entrepreneurs and Inclusive Communities through Blended Values
  12. Sensors Technology in the Era of Industry 4.0 and IoT: From Principles to Applications
  13. From Data to Agile Decision Making in Digital Era
  14. Solid State Fermentation Technology for Supporting Circular Economy
  15. International Virtual Course on Forensic Science
  16. Renewable energy in power system: design, planning, and impacts
  17. Econophysics and Big Data Analytics in Global Socio-Economic Complexity
  18. Digital Pharmacy in Health Service
  19. Vaccine Development
  20. Marine Natural Product
  21. Land Administration for Disaster-prone and Affected Areas
  22. Comprehensive perspective on Geological Hazard
  23. Coast Hazard and Marine Environmental Degradation in Tropical Region
  24. SAPPD SummerCamp 2021: Planning and Designing Cities for All
  25. Parametric Bamboo for Post Disaster Reconstruction
  26. International Virtual Summer Course On 5g Open Radio Access Network (O-Ran)
  27. Summer School on Future Mathematics and Its Applications
  28. PlaceSense. Reframing Movie Set : A Spatial Exploration.
  30. SWITCH: Creative Culture for Innovation through Design Ethnography Studies
  31. Tropical Coastal Zone Development with ENHANCE (TROCOZ 2021)
  32. International Virtual Course 2021 Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering (ENHANCE IVC 2021)
  33. ITB-IEAGHG Internasional Virtual Course on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS).
  34. Introduction of volcano seismology using recent technology
  35. Improved oil Recovery
  36. Sustainable Process Metallurgy
  37. Air Pollution Monitoring & Environmental Impact of Tropical Forest and Peatland Fire (APMEI 2021)
  38. Basic and Applied Nanotechnology: Challenges on Application of Nanostructured Biomaterials for Health and Life Science.
  39. Creative Culture and Urban Commons
  40. International Virtual Course on Integrated Green Technology Towards a Sustainable Planet
  41. Geophysics for Engineering & Environment
  42. Comprehensive Perspective series on #2 Hazard Mitigation
  43. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Oil and Fat Processing Technology
  44. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Bioenergy and Chemurgy Modelling and Simulation
  45. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Bioenergy Proces Technology
  46. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Biorefinery Technology
  47. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Process Safety
  48. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Chemical Engineering Statistic
  49. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Process Performance Evaluation
  50. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Chemical Engineering Professional Seminar
  51. Industrial Virtual Course (IVC) Process Intensification Technology


Schedule can be obtained on the website of each program organizer

  • Free for student
  • 1.000.000 IDR per credit for Non-Student on bachelor courses
  • 1.250.000 IDR per credit for Non-Student on master courses