The selection process of prospective students for the Postgraduate Program consists of 3 stages:

  1. Selection of the completeness of the required documents:
    1. Diploma/proof of graduation from previous educational stages
    2. Transcripts from previous educational stages
    3. Statement of purpose 
    4. Proof of insurance ownership
    5. Recommendation from 2 recommenders (lecturer or supervisor)
    6. Letter of willingness to join the Postgraduate Program
    7. Statement of ability to finance the Postgraduate Program
    8. Affidavit of documents authenticity  
  2. Selection of proof of passing the minimum score of TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB.
  3. Selection of academic skills carried out in the destination study program.

Prospective students who have passed the selection of the required documents and the academic skills are allowed to complete the selection of evidence of passing the minimum score of TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB

This international program is open only for foreign nationals and does not admit Indonesian nationals.


Applicants are graduates of the Bachelor Program (S1) from an accredited university or equivalent in the scope of the appropriate scientific field. Applicants with a diploma/certificate equivalent to a D4 level are required to participate in the Matriculation Program if they are declared to have passed the selection process.

Applicants for the Master Program must be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass the selection of academic requirements and skills held by the destination study program.
  2. Pass the English Proficiency score (TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB)
  3. Pass the Basic Academic Potential (TPA Bappenas/UPDA ITB)
  4. Pay the fee for the new student selection process.




Under the ITB Academic Regulation, article 18 paragraph 3 states that acceptance of new students for the Postgraduate Program can be cancelled if the person concerned:

  1. Is proven cheating when participating in the selection of new student admissions.
  2. Have been registered as a postgraduate student at ITB at the same level/strata and have been declared a dropout.
  3. Have been registered as a postgraduate student at ITB at the same level/strata and have submitted a resignation (UNDRI) from the study program, except for postgraduate students who submit their resignation for non-academic reasons that can be accepted by ITB.


Prospective students can register online on the Registration page by submitting the following required documents:

  • Official Certificate/Diploma of Bachelor Program


If the diploma has not been obtained, a Graduation Certificate (SKL) from the previous university signed by the Chancellor/Dean can be used. A statement that the prospective student has completed Bachelor/Master level education and has passed the judicium must also be included. Prospective students applying with the SKL must submit the official diploma by the time of New Student Admission. 

  • Complete Official Academic Transcript for Bachelor Program starting from the first to last semester
  • Proof of health insurance ownership (not accident insurance)
    • ITB requires all students to have health insurance to facilitate hospitalization due to illness while carrying out their education at ITB. Prospective students must show proof of health insurance ownership which is valid for a minimum of 2 semesters (can be extended). 
    • Prospective students who use BPJS/KIS as an insurance document can use BPJS from the agency/workplace and BPJS independent. ITB accepts all BPJS/KIS classes. 
    • BPJS users only need to upload an active BPJS participant card accompanied by a screenshot from the online JKN application. BPJS users do not need to ask for a stamp/signature from the BPJS office. BPJS Card and the latest proof of transaction or screenshot from JKN online can be used.
  • Passport photo
  • Letter of willingness to join the ITB Master Program
  • Statement of ability to finance the ITB Master Program
  • Statement of documents authenticity 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Official English Proficiency certificate in one of the following:
    • All participant have to take the English Proficiency Test, conducted by ITB. English Language Proficiency Test participants can register at
    • Minimum score for  English Proficiency certificate are:
      • TOEFL iBT (recognized by minimum of 56, or
      • TOEFL ITP (recognized by minimum of 475, or
      • TOEIC (recognized by minimum of 500, or
      • IELTS (recognized by minimum of 5, or
      • Minimum ELPT ITB of 77.
    • The score requirements may be higher than the values listed above in certain study programs. 
  • Official Basic Academic Potential certificate in one of the following:
    • All participant have to take the Basic Academic Potential Test (UPDA ITB), conducted by ITB. Basic Academic Potential Test participants can register at  
    • Minimum score for Basic Academic Potential Test certificate are:
      • TPA Bappenas minimum of 475, or
      • UPDA ITB minimum of 475
    • The score requirements may be higher than the values listed above in certain study programs. 
  • Provisions regarding the requirements for TPA Bappenas documents and TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB documents are as follows:
    • For the 2023/2024 ITB Postgraduate Aadmission Program, all participants are required to take the English Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB) and the Basic Academic Potential Test/TPA held by ITB.
    • ITB Postgraduate Admission participants who already have a valid TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB certificate and/or Bappenas TPA can use the certificate. ITB only accepts TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB and/or TPA Bappenas certificates which are sent directly by official institutions that administer the TOEFL/IELTS/ELPT ITB test and/or TPA Bappenas test to ITB.
    • For ITB Postgraduate Admission participants who come from overseas universities and/or are foreign nationals, the following conditions apply:
      • Participants from overseas university who are enrolled in programs in English, do not required to submit the English Proficiency document, by attaching proof from their home university.
      • Participants of foreign nationality who come from English-speaking countries, do not required to submit the English Proficiency document
      • Participants of foreign nationality who have minimum GPA of 3.25  (scale 4) or equivalent, do not required to submit the basic academic potential document.
  • Recommendation from 2 (two) recommenders
    • The recommender must fill out the form on the admission page via a special link sent to the recommender’s email address.
    • The recommender must be lecturers/academic superiors who know the prospective student and can recommend joining the Postgraduate Program.
  • Pay the Registration Fee
    • The registration fee is IDR 1,000,000 (one million rupiahs).
    • This fee does not include the cost for the ELPT/TOEFL/IELTS test. The payment can be made through a bank transfer to the account number submitted on the admission page of each prospective student.
    • ITB will not refund any payment that has been made in any condition


Registration of prospective students for the Master  Program is declared complete after the prospective students fill in all the requested data on the online registration page and submit all required documents.

Prospective students who have not completed online registration or do not meet the required documents under the provisions of ITB will be declared to fail to pass the selection of completeness documents and not allowed to take part in the further selection process at ITB.

Prospective students must take the entrance screening test based on the schedule and test material set by the respective study program. Information regarding the schedule and test materials are available in the Study Program Test Schedule section.

ActivitiesFirst PeriodSecond PeriodThird PeriodFourth PeriodFifth Period
Participant Registration (online)13 February – 4 March 2024 (15.00 WIB)13 March – 18 April 2024 (15.00 WIB)23 April – 16 May 2024 (15.00 WIB)21 May – 13 June 2024 (15.00 WIB)20 June – 18 July 2024 (15.00 WIB)
Selection Process at Study Program7 – 16 March 202422 April – 3 May 202420 – 31 May 202419 – 29 June 202422 – 27 July 2024
ELPT Testwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced later
UPDA Test21 February 2024 (registration period 17 Februari 2024)27 March 2024 (registration period 22 March 2024)29 May 2024 (registration period 24 May 2024)29 May 2024 (registration period 24 May 2024) 26 June 2024 (registration period 21 June 2024) and 24 July 2024 (registration period 19 July 2024)
Selection Result Announcement21 March 20248 May 20246 June 20245 July 20241 August 2024
New Student Registration13 – 17 May 202413 – 17 May 20248 – 12 July 20248 – 12 July 20242 – 8 August 2024
Tuition Fee Payment20 – 25 May 202420 – 25 May 202415 – 20 July 202415 – 20 July 20249 – 15 August 2024
Academic Advisorywill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced later
New Student Convocationwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced laterwill be announced later
First Day of Lecture9 September 20249 September 20249 September 20249 September 20249 September 2024

Registration fee for Master Program is IDR 1,000,000 per submission, not including Bank Transfer Fee. The payment can be made by transferring the money to a Virtual Bank Account which will appear on your registration page or by Credit Card. ITB will not refunding any payment that has been made in any condition.

According to the Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia Regulation No 17/3/PBI/2015, the prices goods and services offered in Indonesia have to be presented in Rupiah, therefore ITB Master Program Tuition Fee are :

  • School of Business and Management : Please contact SBM for tuition fee information
  • Non School of Business and Management : IDR 35,000,000 per semester

Before online registration, applicants must read the requirements and steps for applying to the Master or Doctoral Program. Prospective students can only register in the specific period when the study program aims to accept prospective students.


Faculty / SchoolDegreeStudy ProgramGel. 1Gel. 2Gel. 3
FITBS2Master of Land Administration
FITBS2Geological EngineeringVVV
FITBS2Earth SciencesVVV
FITBS2Groundwater EngineeringVVV
FITBS2Geodesy and Geomatics EngineeringVVV
FITBS3Geological EngineeringVVV
FITBS3Earth SciencesVVV
FITBS3Geodesy and Geomatics EngineeringVVV
FMIPAS2Actuarial Sciences
FMIPAS2Computational SciencesVVV
FMIPAS2Teaching MathematicsVV
FMIPAS2Physics TeachingVVV
FMIPAS2Chemistry TeachingVV
FMIPAS2Nuclear Science and EngineeringVVV
FMIPAS3Nuclear EngineeringVVV
FSRDS2Visual Arts
FSRDS3Visual Arts and Design
FTIS2Chemical Engineering
FTIS2Engineering PhysicsVVV
FTIS2Industrial Engineering and Management
FTIS2Instrumentation and ControlVVV
FTIS2Master of Applied Logistics Oriented
FTIS3Chemical EngineeringVV
FTIS3Engineering PhysicsVVV
FTIS3Industrial Engineering and Management
FTMDS2Mechanical EngineeringVV
FTMDS2Aeronautics and AstronauticsVV
FTMDS2Material EngineeringVV
FTMDS3Mechanical EngineeringVV
FTMDS3Aeronautics and AstronauticsVV
FTMDS3Material Science and EngineeringVV
FTSLS2Civil Engineering
FTSLS2Environmental EngineeringVVV
FTSLS2Ocean EngineeringVVV
FTSLS2Management of Water Clean Infrastructure and SanitationVVV
FTSLS2Water Resources ManagementVVV
FTSLS2Highway Engineering and Development
FTSLS3Civil EngineeringVV
FTSLS3Environmental EngineeringVVV
FTTMS2Mining EngineeringVVV
FTTMS2Petroleum EngineeringVVV
FTTMS2Geophysical EngineeringVVV
FTTMS2Metallurgical EngineeringVVV
FTTMS2Geothermal EngineeringVVV
FTTMS3Mining EngineeringVVV
FTTMS3Petroleum EngineeringVVV
FTTMS3Geophysical EngineeringVVV
SAPPKS2Development StudiesVVV
SAPPKS2Regional and City Planning
SAPPKS2Urban Design
SAPPKS2Tourism PlanningVVV
SAPPKS2Landscape ArchitectureVVV
SAPPKS3Regional and City Planning
SBMS2Master in Management Science
SBMS2Master of Business AdministrationVVV
SBMS2Master of Business Administration – JakartaVVV
SBMS3Doctor in Science Management
SFS2Master of Sport
SFS2Pharmaceutical Industry
SPSS2Nano TechnologyVVV
SPSS3Nano Sciences and TechnologyVVV
STEIS2Electrical EngineeringVVV
STEIS2Informatics Engineering
STEIS3Electrical Engineering and InformaticsVV

Multidisciplinary Master’s Programs

The Multidisciplinary Master’s Programs at ITB are a collaborative implementation of various study programs. In particular, the Health Technology Program involves a partnership with the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Padjadjaran. Each multidisciplinary master’s program aims to address specific complex issues in the modern world.

ITB offers nine multidisciplinary master’s programs:

1. Nanotechnology

Graduates of the Nanotechnology Master’s Program can serve as researchers, educators/academics, and practitioners capable of developing and applying nanotechnology in fields such as biotechnology, materials technology, pharmaceuticals, and devices. All students will engage in research projects conducted at the ITB Center for Nanosains and Nanotechnology.

2. Health Technology

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Padjadjaran, ITB offers the Multidisciplinary Master’s Program in Health Technology. This program is open to graduates with degrees in engineering, medicine, or science who wish to contribute to research, industry, and government sectors.

3. Science Education 4.0

This program offers strategies for educators to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The role of educators is shifting from content providers to inspirers of student creativity. Consequently, this program promotes innovative learning and teaching methodologies.

4. Digital Technopreneurship

The Multidisciplinary Digital Technopreneurship Program is designed to develop scalable and rapidly growing business knowledge by leveraging digital technology and integrating various business aspects in marketing, finance, and operations strategies.

5. Smart-X

The Smart System (Smart-X) Program equips its graduates to become “Smart Solution Builders and Innovators.” Graduates will gain comprehensive insights into the application of technology across various fields to develop smart solutions for diverse environments.

6. Battery Materials

This program aims to produce graduates with specialized knowledge in battery materials, covering areas such as raw material synthesis, cathode and anode material synthesis, material modification, characterization, cell fabrication, and battery performance testing.

7. Disaster Science and Technology

The Disaster Science and Technology Program prepares graduates to conduct disaster analysis and contribute to disaster risk reduction policy-making. The program emphasizes a science and engineering perspective in its studies.

8. Sustainable Bio-Tourism

The Master’s Program in Sustainable Bio-Tourism focuses on integrating digital technology and sustainable principles into tourism, creating better, more efficient, and sustainable experiences for tourists and local communities.

9. Design Leadership

The Master’s Program in Design Leadership emphasizes the development of empathy and creativity through various design techniques and methods. This program aims to cultivate leadership qualities in graduates to enhance social and cultural potential in communities.

For more information about each of the Multidisciplinary Master’s Programs, please visit

Application Requirements:

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree (S1) from an accredited university with a field of study relevant to the targeted Multidisciplinary Master’s Program. Specifically, applicants to the Health Technology Multidisciplinary Master’s Program must hold a Bachelor’s degree (S1) in Science or Engineering.

You will need a visa to enter Indonesia – in which you can obtain at the nearest Embassy or Consular Office of Indonesia in your country. Please visit these link bellow to get further information abour your pre-departure preparation :

If you need for more information or discussion about International Graduate program, please do not hesitate to contact us to :

ITB Directorate of Academic Affair

Gd. CCAR ITB lt.4, Jl. Tamansari 64 Bandung

Wathsapp: +62 811 210 1920

Instagram: @admission.itb


or to :

ITB International Relations Office (IRO)

Jl. Ganesa no. 17 Bandung

Phone : 022-2504282

Facs : 022-2504282

E-mail :

Website :

A variety of scholarship programs are available for prospective students interested in pursuing their studies at ITB. For detailed information, please access the following link:  

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