Creative movement, on one side, contributes to generate artistic concern for urban decision-making (Landry, 2008, Fahmi, 2017, Kim, 2017), but on the other side, it also causes controversy because of its incapability to give economic impact significantly (Moreti, 2013, Novy & Colomb, 2012). The urban commons approach opens the opportunity to rearrange creative movement as collective actions to make artistic concerns in urban development give economic and social impact for better urban life. In the case of the Terracotta City movement in Majalengka City and several creative places in Auckland, this course will bring students to exercise their creative ideas to support collective action to make urban life better. This Summer Course is a workshop organized by the Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia, and the University of Auckland, New Zealand, involving students from both universities and inviting students from other universities in Indonesia. This workshop invites postgraduate and final-year undergraduate students from Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Development Studies, and other disciplines related to urban revitalization. Through this workshop, students are expected to work, study, exercise, interact with each other mutually, and create discussions with stakeholders to produce various creative urban development ideas and strategies to support collective actions for governing the urban commons.

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