Spatial visual perception is a human sense experience felt when someone is in an interior space. This perception was dynamic and always changing within time and movement to be expressed as a pictorial sequence (Cullen, 1961). There are similarities between interior space and movie set, One can clearly identify tangible experiences like spatial perception and time–changing perception, And also intangible experiences like psychological perception and cultural – social – economy – politic interpreted value.

Interior space in a built environment always starts from a narrative story in the form of design concept/criteria/etc., which in turn will shape certain perceived experience and in the end, arising impact in the form of memory and emotion. The explanation above also applied to movie set design. In this International Virtual Course (IVC) 2021, all students and lecturers will together explore a short movie interior set design to identify perceived experience, arisen impact, and explaining other factor related.

Equivalent to DI-3007 Budaya Dalam Desain Interior (Cultural Aspect of Interior Design) (2 credit)

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