The International Virtual Course will be held for 10 days, comprising interactive lectures and problem-based learning (PBL). The topics will be about the basic principle, mechanism of action, production, and formulation of vaccines, along with updates in vaccine development produced in various host cells, and manufacturing process of vaccine in the industry. Besides, its halal issue will also be discussed. The lectures will be given not only by lecturers experienced in the pharmaceutical biotechnology and vaccine development, but also personnel from the related industry and association.

Equivalent to
FA 4037 Kapita selekta Farmasetika (2 credit)

 Partner Institutions 
  1. Univ. Osaka, Jepang;
  2. Univ. Sheffield, Inggris;
  3. Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, Jerman 
  4. PT. Bio Farma, Indonesia
  5. LPPOM MUI, Indonesia
 Coordinator Program
  1. Dr. Catur Riani (ITB)
  2. Dr. Aluicia Anita Artarini (ITB)
  3. Prof. Yoshiharu Matsuura (Osaka Univ)
  4. Dr. Tuck Seng Wong (Sheffield Univ)
  5. Prof. Stefan Schillberg (Jerman,)
  6. Dr. Neni Nurainy (PT. Biofarma, Bandung- Industri)
  7. Acep Riza Wijayadikusumah, Ph.D.
  8. Dr. Ir. Hj. Mulyorini R. Hilwan, M.Sc (LPPOM MUI)
 Registration Fee
 Registration Online