Renewable energy is the future of sustainable electricity generation. Utilization of renewable energy to produce electricity that is more sustainable requires thorough knowledge of the aspects of the constituent elements, planning, and mitigation of impacts on the existing electric power system. This International Virtual Lecture will provide insight to participating students on aspects related to the design, planning, and utilization of renewable energy in terms of electricity.

Equivalent to
EP4092 Merdeka Belajar Teknik Tenaga Listrik A (2 credit)

 Partner Institution
 Coordinator Program
  1. Umar Khayam (ITB)
  2. Burhanuddin Halimi (ITB)
  3. Arwindra Rizqiawan (ITB)
  4. Bryan Denov (ITB)
  5. Jihad Furqani (ITB)
  6. Fathin Saifur Rahman (ITB)
  7. Pradita O. Hadi (ITB)
  8. Kevin Marojahan (ITB)
  9. Pekik Argo Dahono (ITB)
  10. Andreas Escobar Mejia (UTP Colombia)
  11. Alejandro Garces Ruiz (UTP Colombia)
  12. Juan Jose Mora Florez (UTP Colombia)
  13. Alexander Molina-Cabrera (UTP Colombia)
  14. Ha Dinh Truc (University of Danang, Vietnam)
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