The course is providing an integrated insight as lessons learned to understand the development of agricultural technology, in particular its needs and urgency, in Indonesia. The lecture will be started from the overview of Indonesian agribusiness and followed by some lectures in conventional agriculture, including the topics of Sustainable Small-Scale Farming, Indonesian Exotic Crops, and Integrated Farming. Advanced agriculture is introduced as the needs to improve the production in agriculture that will include several topics, which are Fertilizer and Agricultural Production, Animal Biotechnology, Biotechnology for Crop Improvement, Non-land based Agricultural Technology, Mechanization in Agriculture as well as Development of Instrumentation in Agriculture. The cutting edge of technology in agriculture will also be delivered through the topics of Precision Agriculture and Site-specific Management, Automation System and Robotic for Agriculture, and Biosensing Engineering in Post-harvest Technology. Virtual tours are provided for two topics, which are Underutilized Fruit-Trees in West Java, Indonesia and Plant Factory. The final examination will be given at the end of the course.

Equivalent to BA4206 Agricultural Biotechnology (2 credit)

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