The course is providing an integrated insight as lessons learned to understand the development of food fermentation technology, starts from cultural behaviour to engineering aspect in the term of process technology and molecular level. The lecture will be started from the overview of historical trends of food fermentation in the world and more specific into the diversity of fermented food in Indonesia. Then the lectures will be followed by some lecture in the field of future development to produce higher quality of fermented food as functional food by using metagenomic, metabolomic, and bioprocesse engineering. The topics will also expand on the health improvement of human by consuming fermented food. The knowledge will be broaden with the virtual tour on the Indonesian’s traditional Tauco Fermentation and Arak Bali (Indonesian Alcoholic beverage), which still preserve for centuries, and industrial scale of food fermentation (winery) that used local sources as their raw ingredients. The participation of fermented food industry will broaden the knowledge and experience in food fermentation application, especially in Indonesia. Thus, this lecture will give comprehensive insight about the future technology and modification on food fermentation as well as the challenges in the industries. The evaluation assessments will be given twice, in the mid-course and in the final session of the course.

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BM3003 - Kapita Selekta Mikrobiologi (2 credit)

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