This course contains an introduction to Islamic economics (Mudharabah and Musyarakah investments), Islamic bank balance sheets, sukuk investments (bonds), and other investments. The material will be equipped with some detailed calculations, so that mathematical modelling with optimization of one or several variables can be built using these existing equations.  Other topics are Long Term Stock Investment Framework and Its Performance Measurement, Hypothesis Testing & Regression Analysis and Statistical Approach, Application and Advantage on Real Based Problem.

Equivalent to AK 3061 Matematika Keuangan Syariah (3 credit)

 Partner Institutions
 Coordinator Program
  1. Novriana Sumarti, Ph.D (ITB)
  2. Ade Candra Bayu, M.Si (ITB)
  3. Dr. Shamsul Rijal Muhammad Sabri (USM)
  4. Dr. Zainudin Arsad (USM_
  5. Dr.Majid Khan Bin Majahar Al (USM)
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