General Information

ITB International Undergraduate Program is an educational program that requires students to be active in various global academic activities. Students taking part in this program will experience the atmosphere of international education. In addition, Undergraduate International Program is part of ITB's efforts to serve prospective Indonesian students from non-national curriculum high schools. It is hoped that this broader service will provide good opportunities for Indonesian citizens abroad to study at ITB.

ITB International Undergraduate Program is open for both Indonesian and foreign citizenships students. In 2022, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) will accept new students for this program through two mechanisms:  ITB International Class and ITB International Track.



International Class

International Track

Offered Study Programs

  • Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
  • Clinical and Community Pharmacy
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Geological Engineering
  • Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Architecture
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Fine Arts
  • Craft
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Communication Design – Digital Visual Narrative
  • Product Design


Separated from Regular Class

Regular Class, with students from other selection programs

Language of Instruction


Indonesian and English


Learning System Overview

ITB International Undergraduate Program aims to provide each student with an academic experience of international quality. Since the curriculum is specifically designed to enable students to compete globally in various fields, all students must do a minimum of 1 semester of outbound exchange at their own expense to various ITB partner universities abroad. As a result, they will get the best learning experience at world-class universities and build a global network that could provide significant benefits upon graduation. All academic activities in the International Track program shall be conducted in Indonesian and/or English, while in the International Class, the language of instruction is entirely in English.


Selection Process

The selection process for the International Undergraduate Program, both for International Class and International Track, is carried out with the same mechanism. Considering that students are required to participate in this international program actively, good English command is the main requirement for joining the program.


Study Programs Offered 

International Class

There are 8 (eight) study programs that offer International Classes :

  1. Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (School of Pharmacy)
  2. Clinical and Community Pharmacy (School of Pharmacy)
  3. Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Industrial Technology)
  4. Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  6. Aerospace Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  7. Management (School of Business & Management )
  8. Entrepreneurship (School of Business & Management)   

International Track

There are 13 (thirteen) study programs that offer International Track :

  1. Geological Engineering (Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology) 
  2. Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology) 
  3. Engineering Physics (Faculty of Industrial Technology)
  4. Architecture (School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development)
  5. Urban and Regional Planning (School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development)
  6. Electrical Power Engineering (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics)
  7. Telecommunication Engineering (School of Electrical and Informatics)
  8. Materials Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  9. Fine Arts (Faculty of Art and Design)
  10. Craft (Faculty of Art and Design)
  11. Interior Design (Faculty of Art and Design)
  12. Visual Communication Design – Digital Visual Narrative (Faculty of Art and Design, will be located at ITB Jatinangor Campus)
  13. Product Design (Faculty of Arts and Design)


Prospective students taking part in the ITB International Undergraduate Program selection process may choose two study programs as options, either the study program that organizes the International Class or the International Track including cross-selection.

For instance, during the selection process, a prospective student can choose to register in the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology study program (School of Pharmacy) available in the International Class program, and Geological Engineering (Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology) available in the International Track program. After the selection process result is announced, if the candidate is admitted into the Geological Engineering Study Program, the student will be registered as an International Track student. However, if the candidate is accepted in the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology study program, the student will be designated as an International Class student.

Prospective students of Architecture, Fine Arts, Crafts, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, and Product Design study programs are required to take a drawing test conducted online.



International Undergraduate students must participate in internationalization activities, at least in the form of outbound exchange, for 1 (one) semester, at ITB partner universities outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia at students' own expense. After conducting academic activities at ITB, the study program concerned will determine the destination country and university for the outbound exchange program of each student.

The implementation cost of the internationalization program activities does not include tuition fees per semester and will be entirely borne by the student concerned. It will largely depend on education and living costs at the ITB partner universities targeted abroad.

Schedule, admission procedures, and requirements are available through page starting February 21, 2022


Info Session International Undergraduate Program

Saturday, 19 February 2022

01:00 PM GMT +7 | 09:00 AM QATAR | 10:00 UEA

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